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You may not live your life on a tour bus, but I’m willing to bet that somehow, some way you are involved in a band. What areas of your life demand collaboration to achieve results?

The human resources director in a corporate office works with people across departments. Salespeople have a circle of managers and coworkers. A small business owner has to keep at least a couple of people on staff. A freelance writer has an agent, plus clients. An intramural softball coach has players all over the field.

And what about your household? Do you have a spouse or significant other? Kids? In all of these different situations, you must interact with others on a regular basis. Each person has different skills and a unique personality that impacts how you relate. You have to cooperate to get things done. You can ask for help to get things you want or need, and if you experience conflict, it can bring productivity to a grinding halt and make everyone miserable.

Sounds like a band to me.

Some members, let’s say the CEO or the parent, function like the drummer; they establish the rhythm that everyone follows and keep the beat. Others—support staff or assistant coaches for example—work like the bass player, adding strength to the beat and filling out the sound. Folks in middle management are like the rhythm guitar; they translate strategy into tactics and establish the pattern for the melody.

Your lead guitar and your vocalists are the public face of enterprise—your sales force, your publicity folks, etc.

The individuals and instruments may change from band to band, but one thing remains true: the music doesn’t happen without everyone’s participation.


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