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Gene Simmons of KISS once said, “James Bond has a license to kill. Rockstars have a license to be outrageous. Rock is about grabbing people’s attention.”
You may not dream of performing in a sold-out arena; however, being a good leader means you’ll need to grab your employees’ band members attention. You’ll need to be someone worthy of looking up to and following. And to do that… you’ll need to be outrageous!
What is an Outrageous Leader?
Don’t worry; you needn’t wear inappropriately tight pants to the office or show up hungover after a wild night of partying with fans. (Nor should you). Being outrageous doesn’t have to be negative. You can be outrageous by being bold, innovative, daring, and authentic.
Research by Rego et al. (2016) showed that authentic leadership can increase employees’ psychological capital (self-efficacy, optimism, hope, and resilience).
Being an outrageous leader means being someone people WANT to follow; someone for whom they’d be willing to walk through fire.
The Benefits of Outrageous Leadership
Imagine creating an environment where your team members were not only willing but also eager to overcome challenges and turn your industry upside down with innovative thinking. An outrageous leader inspires employees to be their best. Your team members will be more engaged, adaptable, and trusting of you, their coworkers, and themselves. Being an outrageous leader sets the tone for some pretty miraculous achievements in your organization.
How to Be an Outrageous Leader
It’s time to step out of your comfort zone and embrace what makes you and your team great. Here are five tips to unleash your inner leadership Rockstar.
1. Lead with Authenticity and Passion:
Whether you like their music or not, the most successful musicians have one thing in common… they are unique. Rock stars are courageous and not afraid to stand out. Be yourself. Be proud of who you are. Authenticity is endearing, and people are drawn to it. In fact, being your authentic self gives others permission to be themselves! If you make a mistake or wrong decision, OWN IT. Bottom line is , you’re the boss you’re the band leader and you are responsible for everything.
Be enthusiastic about your work and about supporting the people who work with you. Your passion will be infectious. It is your duty, obligation and responsibility to spread it.
2. Don’t Just Talk About Wellness and Work-Life Balance… Live It:
Once again, lead by example. Show your team members that your life does not revolve around work and your health will never take a backseat to your job. Offer wellness programs for your employees AND take advantage of them for yourself. Create flexible work arrangements that allow your team members the ability to work and still live their best lives. Encourage employees to prioritize self-care and balance their personal and professional lives.
3. Challenge Conventional Thinking and Respect One Another: Just because something “has always been done this way” doesn’t mean there isn’t a better way to do it. If you want your organization to lead the industry and constantly innovate, your employees must question assumptions and one another’s thinking. Create a safe space where team members can openly discuss previously held beliefs and bring their own diverse viewpoints to the table. Give them permission to own the stage.

4. Encourage Risk-Taking: Without the fear of failure or the need to “play it safe,” employees are free to experiment with new ideas and approaches. Reward your employees when they step out of the status quo and try something new… even if it doesn’t pan out. Show them that it’s okay to take (calculated) risks and do something differently. View failure as feedback and embrace it. Use it as your GPS to Success.

5. Reinforce Creativity and Expression: Provide opportunities for employees to express their creativity and individuality in the workplace. No doubt, your team is made up of individuals with talents and passions that extend beyond their current roles and responsibilities. Encourage employees to showcase their skills in unique ways and allow them to be outrageous as well.
It’s time to turn up the volume on your leadership. Consider this your license to be outrageous! For more tips on leadership, teamwork, and becoming a rockstar in your industry, visit https://marvellessmark.com.

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