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Whether your parents put headphones on your pregnant mom’s belly, or waited until you were born to sing you lullabies, there’s a good chance you grew up with music. With music being a part of our lives so early on, it’s no surprise that remarkable things happen when we hear it… even at work.
If music is so magical, you might wonder if it can be used as a team-building activity. You’ve hired wonderful individuals, yet they haven’t yet gelled as a team for some reason. You want your employees to be happy, working together, supporting one another towards a common goal. How do you foster teamwork and get your employees playing together like a successful band?
You guessed it… music.
The Power of Music
Worldwide, research has been done to understand the impact music has on our bodies, minds, and ability to relate to one another. A series of studies by Chris Loerch and Nathan Arbuckle in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology sought to support their hypothesis that music evolved as a tool for social living. Their research found that how much a person is impacted by listening to music is connected to their sense of belonging to a group, and how they feel about other members of the group.
5 Ways Music Brings Us Together
• Music evokes strong emotions. Sharing that experience with us fosters a strong bond.
• Shared Experiences create a sense of belonging within a group.
• Making music together requires participants to collaborate and strengthen relationships.
• Music provides therapeutic benefits and can support people through difficult times. This fosters resilience.
• Music helps to bridge differences. Music can help participants focus on their similarities rather than differences, regardless of their beliefs or backgrounds.
American Novelist Sarah Dessen said, “Music is the great uniter. An incredible force. Something that people who differ on everything and anything else can have in common.”
Making Beautiful Music
If music and our relationships are so intertwined, how do we use this to our benefit and create a stronger team?
Music can be incorporated into meetings, training events, even your daily activities. The best part? We have millions of songs at our fingertips these days. It’s easy to call up whatever mood you need. Take a look at some of the ways to include music at work and reap the magical benefits.
• Start meetings with music to set the tone. Early morning meeting? Why not play some “pump you up” music to get your team excited about the agenda?
• Have employees contribute their favorite songs to your next event. These songs can be played throughout the day to give attendees a break in the learning. Allowing them to share the music that moves them will help your team members feel heard.
• Make music together! Create teambuilding activities around music like “performing” with instruments (everyone can play an air guitar!), or writing lyrics to express a concept they are learning or an idea they have. You could even make Happy Hour a karaoke event. Just insist that no one is recorded without their permission. You want to create a safe space for your employees to connect and bond.
Music is a universal language and a powerful tool for bringing people together. It can strengthen a group and promote a sense of unity within your team. Tap into the power of music and turn up your teamwork!
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