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When you enter a leadership position, your organization may give you a raise, change your benefit package, and put your name on the wall (or at least the door to your office). What they probably won’t do is ask you what type of leader you are going to be.
Many leaders have never gone through any formal business or leadership training. If you find yourself in this camp, it’s okay. This doesn’t mean you can’t be a successful, beloved leader. However, you’ll want to make a few decisions early on that will help shape how you guide and support your team.
According to Transformational and Transactional Leadership by Judge et al, 2006, “Choosing the right leadership style has a significant impact on employees. It guides them to realize leadership goals, motivates employees to choose, provides attitudes and behaviors consistent with the direction, and ensures change according to the rules of leadership activities.”
Determining Your Leadership Style
Your personality and core values will dictate the way you lead. To better uncover what makes you tick, you must understand the different leadership styles and decide which resonates with you the most.
Thankfully, we don’t need to crack open a college textbook to understand the different leadership styles. We just have to look at the world of music.
8 Different Leadership Styles
• Transformational Leader. This type of leader is similar to the lead singer of a rock band. They are enthusiastic, charismatic, and able to command an audience just by being themselves. Look to Jim Morrison of the Doors or Queen’s Freddie Mercury. A Transformational leader inspires their team members and motivates them to action. They lead by example and set the tone for the entire department, if not the organization as a whole.
• Democratic Leader. This type of leader could be compared to a member of a supergroup (a band made up of successful musicians from other groups) like Cream, Temple of the Dog, or Velvet Revolver. With this type of leadership, you would acknowledge and accept ideas from each member of the group, knowing that they each have something special to contribute. Decisions are often made collectively, and creativity is celebrated.
• Autocratic Leader. An Autocratic Leader could be called the Conductor of a symphony. While every member of the symphony is valued and appreciated, this type of leader makes big decisions with very little input from the team members. They set the tone of the music and the business as they see fit.
• Servant Leader. When musicians need support during a live performance or studio session, they bring in a Session Musician. This musician prioritizes the needs of the band above their own. They aren’t looking for attention or fame but rather to shine the spotlight on the musicians they are there to support. This is very similar to a Servant Leader who brings out the best in their employees and gives them a gentle nudge toward greatness.
• Visionary Leader. This type of leader has a clear vision of what they want to see in the future. A Visionary Leader creates the future much like a composer creates musical compositions. They don’t get bogged down in the day-to-day activities as they have their sights set on a new and exciting reality.
• Transactional Leader. A Transactional Leader is similar to a music producer in that they have clear goals and expectations and provide feedback and rewards based on how participants measure up to those objectives.
• Laissez Faire Leader. A Laissez-faire Leader allows their team members to function like solo artists. Solo artists work independently, have full control of their creative process, and make their own decisions. There is no need for micromanagement, as employees are driven by intrinsic motivation.
Armed with this knowledge, it’s time to ask yourself, what kind of leader do I want to be?
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