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Business or Pleasure? Why not both?
By Tammy Levent

Many business travelers bring their families along on work trips, trying to fit in quality time and sightseeing around meetings and presentations. But, for most business travelers, the key to successfully pulling off a work-play vacation is to clearly define your time. If you’re planning on bringing the family along on your next business trip, here are 3 tips to ensure that business and pleasure Don’t interfere with each other.

1. Don’t try to do business and vacation at the same time. Take care of business first and schedule vacation time at the destination afterwards. You Don’t want work worries to taint your leisure time.

2. Delegate. Make it clear to your family that you will be focused on work during the business portion of your trip and have them schedule their activities for times when you’ll be busy. Then plan the rest of the trip as a family, and make sure everyone agrees on the itinerary to avoid squabbling.

3. Ship your work papers back to your office, or at least close them up in a suitcase because when you finally get to your vacation time – you should be on vacation. Just as you wouldn’t play during work hours, Don’t work during family time. you’ll come back refreshed with some great memories.

Tammy Levent
CEO of Elite Travel Tammy@elitetravelgroup.net

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