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Are you familiar with the term BHAG? It has been floating around corporate and motivational circles for years now. It stands for “big hairy audacious goal.” The concept dares people and organizations to dream big, to set your sights on the very best possible outcome for yourself and your organization. Your vision can be a manifestation of this.

Your swagger is what will give you the guts to live in hope and expectation of achieving it. The Grateful Dead’s BHAG was to be considered the only band in their niche. KISS’s BHAG is to rock their fans with a full spectrum experience that no other band can match. Can you and your band articulate something that expresses your idea of the wildest success imaginable?

Dream On, Dream On, Dream On Dream until your dreams come true.

Your vision does not have to be grand, and that’s true. If you and your band want to start out with something less scary than a full-on BHAG, that’s fine. You have to find a jumping off point that works for all of you at this moment. But keep this in mind on the journey: there is little satisfaction in achieving a goal that you know is within easy reach.

If you get there, there’s no surprise or deep satisfaction. But if you fail, you will probably beat yourself up. If you fail at a huge goal, there’s still a certain satisfaction in having tried. You don’t tend to kick yourself over it. And if you do succeed? Well, then you really have a reason to be proud.

G Chord Drill
Dream On

Sit down with your band and ask the question “what is your idea of the hugest success imaginable?” What would it look like for you to succeed beyond your wildest dreams? Really imagine and describe it. Get specific. Get silly if you need to. But get it out there. Write it out. Keep it close and read it every now and again.

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