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You want to protect your employee’s safety and adhere to governmental orders, but you also want to continue running a profitable business with happy employees. Thankfully, with the team building activities below, you can do both.

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Why Are Team Building Activities Important?

Your employees are your biggest asset and their performance dictates whether you succeed or fail as an organization. But, it’s not just the individual employees who can make or break your business; it’s how they interact with one another. Teamwork will take your employees from solo artists to a rockstar band that can weather any challenge that comes their way. And the way to ensure they work together so you can improve employee morale, productivity, and sales, is through team building exercises.

8 Remote Team Building Activities

Below, you’ll find eight remote team building activities that you can use to energize your employees and create a culture of teamwork, communication, and increased productivity. Test out a few and see which work best for your organization. All you’ll need is virtual meeting software and some creativity.

Show and Tell

Allow your employees to get to know each other on a personal level by encouraging each team member to show off an item in their “office” and explain why it’s so important to them. This will give everyone insight into each other’s personalities and hobbies outside the workplace.

Learning Circles

Working from home is a great time to expand your team’s horizons. If you have a large team, section the employees off into groups of three to six people, and have them pick one area of the job that they’d like to learn more about. Give them time during the week to break into “study groups” to virtually discuss what they are learning and how it can be applied to their current responsibilities.

Community Coffee Breaks

As important as it is to grow professionally, it’s also important to cultivate the personal relationships of your staff. Dedicate 15 minutes each day (or every few days) for employees to grab a cup of coffee or tea and hop on a video chat with co-workers. It’s the next best thing to the watercooler.

Myers-Briggs Assessment

As one of the most commonly used personality tests, this allows each member to understand more about themselves and how they communicate with those around them. In learning this, they’ll be able to work better together better, communicate more effectively, and respect one another’s differences.

Team Scavenger Hunt

Since they can’t scour each other’s homes together, each group will look for team members that match a clue or description and get to know each other better in the process. For example, you could ask for:

  • A co-worker that has traveled to Spain
  • A co-worker with a lot of houseplants
  • A co-worker that has seen Journey the most times
  • A co-worker with a pet ferret
  • The co-worker with the biggest family

Pet Job Descriptions

With people spending so much time at home, our beloved pets have become officemates and co-workers. Have your employees share their furry friends and make up titles for them like Director of Chewing Squeaky Toys During Video Calls or VP of Pooping in the Yard.

After Hours Socializing

It may be difficult for your employees to get away during the workday, but comradery is still important to encourage. Create an afterhour’s movie night, happy hour, trivia night, or painting night to get them socializing once the work is done.

Rock Band

Whether you’ve got talented musicians in your midst or amateur pot bangers, divvy up your team into groups of five or less and have them perform a song together.

Motivate Your Virtual Team into Becoming Rock Stars

Remote team building activities can be the difference between your employees thriving in a virtual environment and your team falling apart when they’re not together. In order to have happier, healthier, more engaged employees who work from home, you’ll need to put some effort into team building.
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