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Do you remember the days when employees were eager to work for the same company for 50 years, often in the same job? It was a badge of honor to be loyal to your employer, and most often, the employer was loyal too. Well, those days are over. Employees want to grow, improve, and avoid stagnation. If you'd like to motivate millennial workers in your organization, you'll want to offer plenty of opportunities for personal development and movement.

Rock stars are always striving to be better at their craft and play larger venues for more people. Can you imagine how miserable a rock star would be if they had to play to the same audience for the rest of their lives? Millennials are just like this. They are constantly improving themselves and looking for new opportunities, and they expect their employers to support and encourage this. While money is a strong driver, happiness, growth opportunities, and work satisfaction are just as important to this generation of workers. Learn how to properly motivate your millennial workers and you'll bring out their inner business rock stars.

Opportunities for Personal and Professional Development in the Workplace

Provide Mentorship

Millennial workers expect more from their leaders than just management. They are looking for professional guidance: for someone who is where they want to be, to show them how to get there. If you have a large team, you may not have the time to mentor each employee yourself. When that's the case, assign seasoned employees to take newer employees under their wings.

Set Learning Goals

You probably have sales goals and customer service goals for your employees, but what about learning goals? Do you encourage your employees to learn new skills on the job and in life? Millennials will appreciate a dedication to growth being factored into their job role and their evaluation.

Set Up a Personal Development Library

Motivational speaker Brian Tracy likens listening to books on business, personal development, and success to getting a degree while you drive. Set up a library filled with personal and professional development education that your employees can borrow from. Don't forget the digital and audio books as many people prefer these modalities.

Create a Book Club

Now that you've got books for your employees to borrow, encourage them to form book clubs where they can discuss what they've learned and provide accountability for each other as they apply the principles to their lives and jobs. Offer incentives for employees who choose to participate.

Encourage Movement

Millennials workers don't like to stay in the same position for very long. They want to experience new roles, learn new skills, and look for an environment that makes them happy. This is not a reflection on your business or your leadership. When you accept that fact, you will be freed up to encourage lateral and upward movement. Some companies even have established programs where employees work in one department or role for a predetermined amount of time and then move to another role to learn and experience another position.

Bring in a Motivational Speaker

Motivational speakers have the stories, the experience, and the techniques to motivate your millennial employees to step outside of their comfort zone, think outside of the box, and exhibit rock star performance in your business. Marvelless Mark® tells his clients that a motivational speaker can be the difference between your employees "going through the motions" and them actually thriving in your company.

Motivating employees, millennial or otherwise, is important to the health of your business. When you encourage growth and provide opportunities for your millennial employees, you will inspire creativity, motivate your employees to do their best, and improve your business.

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