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When you look at your sales team, do you see individuals working together to help one another, provide solutions for the customers, and support the company as a whole?

Or do you see individuals bickering, backstabbing, and willing to step on one another to get ahead at their jobs... no matter the cost to the organization?

If your team more closely resembles the second scenario, you're not alone. You may have chosen the most qualified people in the industry to join your team, but if the company or department culture values competition over teamwork, your employees, your team, and the company will suffer.

Hire Marvelles Mark as a team-building motivational speaker for an event that actually works.

What Is the Purpose of a Team-Building Workshop?

Team-building workshops are designed to offer a memorable experience for participants that breeds trust, respect, and mutual understanding and creates an environment where individuals work together towards a common goal. When your employees are working together as a team, morale is improved, job satisfaction is increased, and profits will rise.

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Do Team-Building Workshops Actually Make a Difference?

Does the term "team building" elicit images of trust falls and hugging in your mind? Are you afraid to spend money, get your team excited, and then have them return to work on Monday only to resume the same back-biting behaviors?

When team-building workshops are done right, employees are able to bond as people instead of just as coworkers. They'll be more willing to work together on projects and assist each other with challenges in the future. And they may even discover skills or leadership qualities that they never knew they had.

Not only that, but your employees will be more engaged and happier to come to work. So yes, you could say that team-building workshops make a difference.

How Can You Measure the Effectiveness of Team-Building Activities?

While it may be difficult to determine the exact effectiveness of team-building activities, we know that team-building increases employee engagement, and that has been studied. In fact, according to the Workplace Research Foundation, employee engagement investments by 10% can boost profits by $2,400 per year... per employee. Thanks to Business 2 Community, we know that companies with engaged employees outperform companies with disengaged employees by 202%.

How can you test this for yourself? Consider administering an employee satisfaction survey prior to your team-building activities and then re-administering it a few weeks after your workshop. You can also measure your sales stats before and after.

How Much Do Companies Spend on Team-Building?

Now that you understand the importance of team-building activities and workshops for your organization, you might be wondering if you can afford it.

More importantly, you can't afford not to.

Fostering this team environment is essential to reaching your sales goals and keeping your people happy. Workshops can range anywhere from $2,800 up to $10,000 depending on who is administering the workshop, what it entails, and which employees are participating.

In the grand scheme of your business or organization, this cost will barely make a dent in your bank account, but its positive effects will last for years to come.

Providing team-building workshops for your staff is not just good for their individual health and happiness, but also for the overall success of the organization. When your employees come together towards a common goal, amazing things happen.

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Mark began inspiring audiences with his acclaimed book Opportunity Rocks®. After the book was featured in USA Today, Small Business Trendsetters, Business Innovators and TBN, it didn’t take long for Mark Kamp® to have his own following of screaming fans.

Now the exuberant keynote experience it is today, Mark Kamp’s® mission is to unlock everyone’s inner rock star, wherever that may take him.

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