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You've got an amazing team working for you. You hired fantastic people and they are working hard to be successful.

No matter how well your sales team is doing, they can always get better. You realize that investing in your people will not only improve them as employees, but will also give your company a leg up on the competition.

Thankfully, upper management is on board with your desire to help the team improve. Now, you're wondering what's the best possible way to train, motivate, and support your people so they can blossom into the business rock stars you know they can be. 

An experiential keynote speaker can give your team inspiration during your next your next corporate event.

Do Motivational Seminars Really Help Improve Company Results?

There's often some debate about whether motivational seminars or speakers bring value to a company. While not every motivational speaker or seminar program is beneficial, hosting an event with the right speaker to motivate and train your staff can support the company in the short and long term. 

Let's take a look at the different benefits of motivational seminars for your company: 

Increased Morale

Toiling away in a job day in and day out can become stressful and employees can lose their zest for their role. A motivational seminar can provide a break from the daily grind and supply the excitement to bring employees' enthusiasm back up.

Increased Skills

A motivational speaker can introduce (and reinforce) skills that will help employees improve their performance. These can include communication skills, sales techniques, teamwork, leadership, and much more. 

Bringing in an Outside Perspective

No matter how good you are as a leader, sometimes, employees need to hear a message from an outsider before they really take it to heart. A motivational seminar can introduce new ideas and reinforce what you've been trying to communicate all along. 

Showing Appreciation

Sure, this probably fits under the Increased Morale benefit, but showing your employees that you value their work, appreciate their energy, and put stock in their ability to consistently improve, will go a long way to improving their job satisfaction.

These are just a few of the benefits that your company will get from a motivational seminar. If you want happier, more productive employees, a motivational seminar is a must for your organization.

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What Factors Contribute to the Effectiveness of Motivational Speakers

If you want to host a successful motivational seminar, you need to find the right motivational speakers to address your team. In order to do this, you first need to understand what makes a motivational speaker effective. 

Willingness to Adapt their Presentation

You know the message that you want to share with your team. An effective motivational speaker will be willing and able to tweak their presentation for your specific audience. This will involve industry specific details and addressing the problems that your employees face. 

Appropriate Stories

Effective Motivational speakers often deliver their messages through the use of powerful stories that will resonate with your employees. They'll capture their attention, take them on a powerful emotional journey, and then leave them safely at the end with a useful lesson. 

Experience in the Field

While this isn't a necessity, a motivational speaker may be even more effective for your audience if they've had some sort of experience in the industry. Even if they didn't work full time in the field as an adult, they make have worked in it during college, volunteered  or worked in an adjacent field. They may even have a close friend or family member that has experience and has shared their stories over the years. 

An Experiential Presentation

Do you remember your last "Death by PowerPoint" session? You were probably doing your best not to nod off in the middle... and that's whether you were watching it or giving it!

An effective motivational speaker gives an experiential presentation that engages your audience and has them involved in the learning. Audience members actually become a part of the show. 

Don't subject your team to a lecture when they could enjoy an engaging, dramatic, learning experience.   

Strong Takeaways

Motivation is great, but without actionable steps your employees can take when they walk out of the room, the enthusiasm will fizzle quickly. An effective motivational speaker will provide takeaways that your team can put into practice the very next day.

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What Makes a Motivational Speaker Good? 

Now that you understand what makes a motivational speaker effective, let's go a bit further into what makes them good at what they do.

In order to communicate the message and hold the audience's attention, a motivational speaker will need to have several characteristics such as: 

The Ability to Build Rapport

Rapport doesn't just start when a motivational speaker steps on stage. A good one will ask to be connected with a few of your key employees before the event. This allows them to gain specific information, learn more about the dynamics at play (and possibly identify some challenges), and to connect with the entire audience during his or her presentation as "one of the team." 

Vocal Variety

No one wants to listen to a boring, monotone speaker. Don't subject your team to this! A good motivational speaker will not only captivate your audience with their words, but also with the way they deliver them. 


Humans respond to humor. Yet sadly, this is something that is missing from many a corporate environment. A good motivational speaker will utilize humor to entertain and connect with your audience. 

Clear Speech

A good speaker should be... well, a good speaker. They should be eloquent, loud enough to be heard, and easy to understand. If your employees are struggling to understand them, they won't grasp the actual message. 


A powerful message shouldn't take hours to deliver. In fact, the longer it takes to explain, the less engaging and useful it will be. A good motivational speaker knows how to deliver their message clearly and quickly. 


When you truly care about something, your enthusiasm is infectious. If you're not passionate about what you do, it's painfully obvious to those around you. A good motivational speaker will be passionate and enthusiastic about their topic and about sharing what they know with your audience. 

If you want to help your team members be the absolute best that they can be, both for themselves, and for your company as a whole, a motivational seminar with a good, effective motivational speaker can provide the boost that you're looking for. 

If you are interested in providing an unforgettable experience for your attendees, one that will have them on their feet rockin' along with the presentation, consider Marvelless Mark Kamp for your next event. He's energetic, entertaining, and he will motivate your team and leave them excited to become business rock stars.

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