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We are proud to continue teaching you "How to be a Business Rockstar" by bringing in a few guest bloggers that are Business Rockstars in their field......we are proud to start our 4 part series with a piece on ROCKSTAR TRAVEL!! Keep you eyes peeled for future blogs on ROCKSTAR IMAGE, ROCKSTAR SPEAKING, and much much more!!!


How to make Rockstar Room Reservations By: Tammy Levent, President- Elite Travel

So you are a business traveler. Someone who constantly has to make sure your watch is set back a few hours or ahead, depending on the time zone.   Someone who has to look out the window in the morning at the skyline to remind you what city you’re in. You are in and out of airports, packing and unpacking, eating food on the go and hailing a cab hoping to make your next flight! You are working hard and making things happen. Closing deals, networking and keeping a smile on your face no matter what.  With all of that going on, you should be more than just a business traveler. You should be a BUSINESS ROCKSTAR traveler! I’m here to tell you exactly how you can keep up the pace of what you are doing and book a room like the  BUSINESS ROCKSTAR you are while you’re doing it. File these three simple tips below in your BUSINESS ROCKSTAR hotel travel file:

  1. Use an experienced travel agency: Have your travel agent (preferably Elite Travel) call the hotel directly and speak with a reservation agent. They can learn about current and upcoming specials, which may include spa packages or complimentary meals.
  1. Inquire about the occupancy rate. Prior to arrival, about a week before, call to see what the occupancy rate is then ask for an upgrade or lowest available rate, etc and to make note of the record you will be arriving. Upon hotel check-in, ask a reservation agent or the hotel manager if there are other room types available. If there are, inquire about a room upgrade for a minimal or negotiated cost.
  1. Don’t be afraid to ask for extras. After checking in, politely ask the hotel clerk for a key to the club room area where they have cozy seating, wireless and complimentary breakfasts and sometimes happy hour. If you have already received an upgraded room, you should be given this. If the room you received does not have club access, ask for a key anyway. You never know until you ask!

If you are friendly and persistent, you should be able to get what you want and definitely more bang for your buck! I mean, you are a traveling BUSINESS ROCKSTAR who has to be away from your family and friends, Don’t you deserve the best? Of course you do!  Work hard. Play harder. That’s what I do.   Rock on, BUSINESS ROCKSTAR travelers! Tammy Levent is the president and CEO of Elite Travel Management Company, a successful travel management company that has won the Travel Impressions Global Award worldwide Best of the Best Agency 12 years in a row and numerous other accolades. Tammy is also a celebrated travel writer with articles that have appeared in such publications as Conde Nast Traveler, Bride’s Magazine, Modern Bride, Florida Bride and The Affluent Reader. For more information on Tammy and her company check out her website @ https://www.elitetravelgroup.net/

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