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In the tradition of guest bloggers, i have decided to jump in and do a few "guest" pieces on Business Rockstar Health! So in addition to maintaining your Business Rockstar Image, and keeping up on Business Rockstar Travel, i will be posting some helpful tips to keep yourself at peak performance!!!

Business Rockstar Health

Maintaining your Business Rockstar Health and Energy is much like maintaining a vehicle. We are all built for different things. Some of us for speed, some for endurance, some for reliability. No matter what we are built for, it is still necessary to maintain our well-being and keep ourselves fine tuned for max performance. It seems simple but, in today’s busy world how can we find time to maintain our Business Rockstar Health?

Here are a few of my secrets:

  • Water:
    Drink Plenty of Water, water and water. Hydration is the key! Since our bodies are made up of over 90 percent water, keeping this balance is crucial, so the next time you have the inkling to grab a soda or cup of coffee, just say "no" and grab a bottle of water instead.
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  • Nutrition:
    Fuel your body with good food- most of us eat when we can, grabbing burgers at the drive through or grabbing anything we can stuff in our face. SLOW DOWN- I know we are all busy but what we fuel our bodies with is so important, much like a car, we need good fuel to run on. Take the time to plan your meals.Good lean protein at least 3 times a day or when travelling a good protein shake can keep us on the go! Live foods or foods that are made up of water and minerals are also key to maintaining our performance like green vegetables. I am not a huge fruit fan since sugar is the devil but, if you have a choice between a banana and a snickers bar- go for the banana every time!
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  • Rest:
    Everyone needs rest; do you think a car could run 24 hours a  day and 7 days a week without a little time to cool the engine??? NOPE. But if it does, it wears out more quickly or breaks down sooner. Make yourself a priority, get at least 6 hours a night and you will feel the difference immediately.Plan your time to rest, when on the road make sure to bring your sleep mask and some ear plugs! Give your cells a chance to repair so toxins Don’t build up! I am certainly not claiming to be a certified energy expert and you should always consult your doctor, but I will let my reputation speak for itself. These are the things that have worked for me and that I have had success in teaching and training people!!
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  • ****Business Rockstar Health tip:
    Take a look at this link to what has been a GREAT addition to fuelling my energy!! Flu season is here and anything we can do to detox and build our immune system will put us that much more ahead of the game. I use this a minimum of 3 times daily. Organic Apple Cider Vinegar- https://www.homeremediesweb.com/apple_cider_vinegar_health_benefits.php

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