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Your sales team is the heart of the company. Without these people spreading the benefits of your organization each and every day, you'd be out of business. Lately though, you've noticed that they aren't quite as enthused as they once were. Numbers are slipping, goals aren't being reached, and the morale in the office isn't what it used to be.

You've considered doing another sales training, but you're pretty sure that they know the what and how about their jobs. They may have just forgotten the why. You've delivered motivational talks during meetings and done the "rah rah" thing with your employees, but they've heard you so many times before that they've stopped listening.

You know that your employees are capable of much more. You know that you need to inspire and motivate the team, you're just not quite sure how.

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Why Do Companies Hire Motivational Speakers?

Companies hire motivational speakers for a number of reasons. Your sales may be hurting, your morale may be low, you may be facing big changes that could negatively impact the employees' working conditions. While motivational speakers can't fix a problem in 45-60 minutes, they can alter attitudes and put a company on the first step towards a better situation.

When it comes down to it, your event, no matter what theme or activities you choose to include, is there to create unity among your staff and to reward employees for their hard work. There's only so much you can do at the office to say thank you. A motivational speaker can show your employees just how important they are to your organization.

Why Are Motivational Speakers Important?

Motivational speakers play an important role in a corporate event and in your business. Think of them as the third-party observer that has the ability to see challenges you don't see, learn from employees who are not comfortable speaking to management, and change the way your employees see their day to day tasks. 

A motivational speaker will come in with true stories from their own lives that can help your team do better at work and live more fulfilling lives. Their stories are relatable, emotional, humorous, and inspiring. Their experiences can teach universal lessons, and their enthusiasm is infectious. A speaker can present old ideas in a new way that gets your employees thinking. They can inspire creativity and entertain your audience. 

Possibly the most important task a motivational speaker can perform... showing your employees that you truly value and care about their well-being. They become your mouthpiece for delivering those all-important messages. 

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Motivational Speaker?

There are a variety of benefits to bringing a motivational speaker into your organization. Some of these benefits include:

Increased morale

If your employees don't have the same pep in their step that they once had, you may have a morale problem on your hands. This could be due to any number of reasons such as increased workload, cutbacks in staff or bonuses, unexpected changes in the company, projects that require overtime, management shifts, and more.

A motivational speaker can deliver a dose of enthusiasm to your team, reminding them what's exciting and important about their contribution to the company. 

Communicate values and mission 

As employees get caught up in the daily grind, it can be difficult to maintain a vision of the big picture. Why does your organization exist and what difference does it make in the lives of your customers? 

A motivational speaker can remind your employees that there is a larger goal than spreadsheets and sales forecasts. They can show them that they are each improving the community in their own way.

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Improve teamwork

Your employees may be amazing on their own, but do they have a "we" or a "me" attitude? When employees don't work well together, morale drops, productivity suffers, and sales elicit a "kill or be killed" mentality rather than fostering teamwork and lifting one another up. 

A motivational speaker that specializes in teamwork can work with your employees to recognize that they each play an integral role in the company and are each important to the whole. They can also organize workshops to go more in-depth with how team members can work together.

Say what needs to be said

You may be well-loved by your employees, however, they're probably getting pretty good at tuning you out. Sometimes, you can say the same exact thing time and time again, but until someone else says it, your audience just won't grasp the concept.

A motivational speaker has the ability to be that outside influence on a company. They can deliver the exact same message you've been attempting for months, but actually have their words heard and put into action.

A great motivational speaker will want to know what you hope to achieve from the event so they can deliver your message. Discuss this with the speaker ahead of time to ensure that those goals are met.

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What to Look For in a Motivational Speaker

Just like every industry, there are great motivational speakers, good motivational speakers, and speakers that will leave you wishing you'd done more homework beforehand. Here are a few tips for selecting the right motivational speaker for your next event.

  • 1) Decide what your goal for the event is before you start shopping: While some speakers cover multiple topics, you'll want to figure out what you want to be communicated before you look for someone to communicate it.
  • 2) Watch videos: A speaker may have the best one sheet in the world, have an impressive website, and have multiple books to their name. However, you want to see them in action. Can you feel the energy in the room? Does their message coincide with your needs? Do they provide tangible takeaways for the audience?
  • 3) Ask for references: Ask the speaker who you can reach out to that they've worked with in the past. You'll learn a lot about someone by chatting with past clients. Were they easy to work with or will you have a diva on your hands? Did they deliver what was expected or did they arrive dressed in excuses?
  • 4) Look for flexibility: Are they willing to tweak their presentation for your industry and your company? Are they willing to do the research, speak to the employees beforehand, and make the changes necessary so their presentation really hits home with your audience?
  • 5) Go with your gut: Often times, we're trained to think with our heads when making a business decision. However, if your gut says that this is the wrong person for the job, even if they look great on paper, pay attention. The last thing you want to do after the event is think, "I knew they weren’t the right fit."

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Motivational Speaker?

This is one of those difficult-to-answer questions. Motivational speakers can range anywhere from $1,000 to $100,000 depending on their experience, celebrity status, niche audience, and several other factors. Who you select will depend on your budget and your goals for the event. 

If you're interested in a powerful, experienced motivational speaker who will have your audience excited to return to work and apply their new-found motivation, consider Marvelless Mark Kamp for your next event. His brand of rock-star enthusiasm will bring your audience to their feet and leave them nothing short of inspired. 

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