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These days, life is full of distractions. It takes a lot of self-discipline to focus on what you need to do without getting sidetracked. But sometimes, self-discipline doesn't come easily. It really takes knowing yourself and what tricks work for you.

These nine tips are great places to start when it comes to boosting your productivity and getting things done.  But don't expect all of them to work for you -- try them out and think hard about how effective each of them are. Rock on!


About Mark

Mark began inspiring audiences with his acclaimed book Opportunity Rocks®. After the book was featured in USA Today, Small Business Trendsetters, Business Innovators and TBN, it didn’t take long for Mark Kamp® to have his own following of screaming fans.

Now the exuberant keynote experience it is today, Mark Kamp’s® mission is to unlock everyone’s inner rock star, wherever that may take him.

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