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Have you ever been to a meeting so dull, so bland, so… nondescript that you can barely even remember it?

Whether you are a meeting planner or a leader looking to gather your team together, you want your meeting or conference to rock! You want your people to be so pumped up by the event they can’t help but be excited to return to work and rock their jobs. But if creating this environment was easy, why do so many events fall flat?

The truth is, they haven’t embraced the power of music.

Music has the ability to turn a ho-hum conference or meeting into an unforgettable, life-changing experience. How? Let’s dive in and find out.

5 Ways Music Can Make Your Event Rock

  1. Setting the mood

Music elicits emotion and impacts our physical health in a variety of ways. Need to pump up your audience and get them excited? There’s music for that. Music encourages the release of dopamine, the brain’s “feel good” chemical. Need them to destress as they settle in for a day of learning and inspiration? There’s music for that, too. The University of Nevada, Reno found that music around 60 beats per minute can cause the brain to synchronize with the beat, causing alpha brainwaves and calming the nervous system. Bob Marley once said, “One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.”


First, identify the tone you’d like for your event. Then, select music that supports your goals.


  1. Breaking the ice

While events are held to educate, inspire, and move attendees to action, their true power comes from the connections that are made. Anything you can do to foster networking during this time is helpful, and a fun, interactive icebreaker could be the perfect start. Use music to encourage dancing and socialization. Attendees can laugh, let their guard down, and connect over common interests.


  1. Transitioning throughout the day

Have you ever watched an awards show where a recipient overstays their thank you speech? They are “played off” the stage with music designed to get them finished and moving. That’s because music helps us understand that something is ending and transitioning to something else (sessions, break time, activities, etc.).


  1. Reinforcing your brand

Previously, I talked about having “Mission Music,” or a song that helps to support your company’s mission statement. If you’ve got a song that mirrors your brand, playing it during a company event can inspire your employees (especially if they helped choose it!).


  1. Enhancing memory

According to Harvard Health, music can help reactivate the areas of the brain associated with memory. In fact, two recent studies have shown that music doesn’t just help us retrieve stored memories. It can also help us create new ones. When you want the event to be memorable and you want attendees to remember what they’ve learned, use music.


No matter what you hope to accomplish at your next event, you’ll want to incorporate music. Set the tone, break the ice, transition from one session to the next, reinforce your brand, and make sure your employees remember this event for years to come. For more tips on rockstar leadership and how to incorporate music into your next event, visit https://marvellessmark.com/.


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