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It turns out, The Beatles knew a thing or two about business. No, we’re not talking about inappropriate workplace romance that becomes fodder for the water cooler circuit. We’re talking about the most important of human states, a state from which all positive emotions flow. When humans allow themselves to see one another as friends instead of foes, amazing things can happen… even in the office. Let’s look at three ways love can help your business and how to make them work for you.

Love Leads to Higher Job Satisfaction

Creating a culture of caring means your employees are vested in one another’s well-being. Team members want to support one another, see one another succeed, and have each other’s backs when someone is going through a difficult time. Rather than pitting your employees against one another, promote affection and compassion towards one another and encourage teamwork.

Love is Caring, and Caring Means Better Performance

It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, but when people care about what they are doing and the population they are helping, they do a better job. Imagine that your company makes widgets for new mothers. You’ve got employees whose job is so specific and detailed that they lose sight (if they ever had it at all) of how their role plays into the end result. These employees may get bored, distracted, and even resentful that they aren’t making a difference in the world. Now imagine that you create an open-house day where the end users of these widgets (exhausted, overwhelmed mommas) come to meet the employees. Receiving gratitude from the moms, and seeing how their work is making a difference, your employees will have a renewed spirit and a desire to work even harder. Consider how to connect your employees with the people (or animals) they serve and watch their productivity and performance skyrocket.

Love Helps you Bounce Back

Challenges happen. Whether your employees are faced with difficulties at home (divorce, illness, or death of a loved one, etc.) or at work (being demoted, having to take a pay cut, struggling to complete their work, etc.), they are going to need support. For years, researchers have known that a strong social network helps individuals recover from setbacks faster and more easily. Since we spend at least a third of our lives at work, it would make sense that having a support network among coworkers and management would improve our resilience and make overcoming obstacles easier. Encourage employees to reach out to management or their peers when something challenging is going on. If possible, make arrangements to lighten their load temporarily. And whatever you do, don’t use anything they’ve shared, against them. Love has been a recurring theme throughout the history of music. Let’s bring it to the professional space and watch the positive ripples throughout. In the words of Paul McCartney and John Lennon, “Love is all you need.For more tips on being a rockstar in business, visit https://www.marvellessmark.com/

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