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Have you ever noticed how many times a musician or band transforms throughout their time in the limelight? From Madonna to Michael Jackson to U2, these artists have adapted to the changing times and led the charge, creating the change. As a leader in business, you must think like a rockstar when guiding your organization into the future.

Here are five ways you can drive change like a rockstar

  1. Create a filter. To thrive in any environment, you must clearly understand your Why – that driving force that shapes your vision and the filter through which you make organizational decisions. Kiss had a vision of becoming the “greatest show on earth.” This vision drove every decision they made.
  2. Look from the outside. Getting caught up in the forest of your daily to-do’s is easy. Unfortunately, doing so means you won’t have a clear picture of the potential pitfalls in your organization, industry, and the market as a whole. Step outside your business every so often and look at it through an outsider’s eyes.
  3. Identify other rockstars. You can’t drive change alone. You need a band behind you, ready to warm up the crowd and help you carry the tune. These may be your managers and supervisors… or it may not. Leaders don’t always hold a leadership title.
  4. Keep an eye on the future. As music evolves, musicians evolve. Consider how Elvis changed the landscape of music as we knew it. Or, Walk This Way, the collaboration between Aerosmith and Run DMC that brought two genres together and created the first rap song to be played on mainstream rock radio. And introduced both bands to a whole new audience of breeding fans and customers. They took Aerosmith to the biggest height of their career.
  5. Kick fear out of the green room. The unknown is scary (even when we don’t love the known). You can feel the fear of change, but don’t let it stop you. Grant Cardone says use fear as your GPS. I believe that too. If you don’t know what direction to go, then head towards the fear and you will find that it’s not as bad as you thought it was.
Peter Drucker said the best way to manage change is to create change. How are you creating or driving the change in your organization? Use your band as a mastermind and have a creative jam session. Drive change and be a rockstar in your business and your life. For more tips on rockstar leadership, visit https://www.marvellessmark.com/

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