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Whether on the tour bus or in the boardroom, sometimes, you’ve chosen a “bandmate” who doesn’t quite fit, or isn’t growing at the same rate as the rest of the band members. Consider how many amazing musicians get fired from their bands. It’s not often due to a lack of talent or an inability to perform under pressure – if that were the case, they wouldn’t have been hired in the first place. No, musicians get fired because of personality clashes, creative differences, and a lack of professionalism. Consider Ozzy Osbourne – yeah, that Ozzy Osbourne. He was fired from Black Sabbath after his drug use became problematic and interfered with his ability to function, never mind perform. Steve Adler, the original drummer for Guns N’ Roses, was asked to get clean and stay on tour but ultimately failed and was booted from the band. Vince Neil of Motley Crue got fired after the band struggled to agree on a musical direction. Nick Oliveri, bassist for Queens of the Stone Age, was dismissed after being rude and unruly towards the group’s fans. In the business world, employees get let go for some of the same reasons. Sure, the head of your accounting department may not trash a green room in a drug-fueled rage, but they may show a lack of commitment and professionalism in other ways. The trick is looking past your employees’ good qualities to determine when it’s in the best interest of your company to let someone go. When is it Time to Fire an Employee? Sometimes, it’s pretty obvious when someone needs to go. If their performance is poor and they aren’t meeting expectations, it’s easy to show them the door. But what about when they are still doing their job? Here are a few signs that it’s time to say goodbye. They’re apathetic Apathy has become a disease, and it’s running rampant. Apathy can be seen in the vacant eyes and the zombie-like shuffle. If your employee doesn’t care about doing what’s best for the company or its customers, it’s time to let them go. They’re “poisoning the well” Your employee is dissatisfied about something, and rather than bring it to your attention, they choose to let everyone else know. Their negativity is spreading and bringing down the morale of everyone in your organization. When one employee is destroying your entire culture, it’s time to let them go. They’re “stirring the pot” Drama, drama, drama. This employee lives by the water cooler. They know all the gossip, and they’re spreading rumors and creating turmoil everywhere they go. Forging discord is their entertainment. When your employee only thrives around drama, it’s time to let them go. They don’t respect coworkers, managers, or customers Everyone deserves to be treated with kindness and respect. An employee treating others improperly creates an uncomfortable, unsafe, and sometimes downright toxic workplace. This isn’t good for your employees’ well-being, and it’s not good for your company’s legal and financial safety. Suppose you know an employee is bullying, sexually harassing, or mistreating their coworkers, bosses, subordinates, or customers, and you don’t take immediate action. In that case, you have a huge problem on your hands. When an employee doesn’t show respect for others, it’s time to let them go. No matter how talented a rockstar is, there are certain behaviors that the band will never tolerate. The same goes for your organization. If an employee is apathetic, destroying your culture, creating drama, or disrespecting others, it’s time to let them go. In my keynote presentation Opportunity Rocks one of my 4 Chords of Rock Star Success speaks on that topic. You must always do what’s best for the band, do what’s best for the team. Even if they are an A List player. For more rockstar leadership tips, or if your organization would like to explore the possibility of a highly engaging, energizing, educating, keynote experience “That Rocks” let’s have a conversation. Visit www.marvellessmark.com.

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