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The Danger of Ego in Leadership

Many think being a leader makes them feel like an absolute rockstar. Special treatment (the corner office, a flexible schedule, maybe even a limo to take you wherever you need to go), fame, respect, and adoration, and the power to influence many… can be exciting. But, unfortunately, for many, it breeds a humongous ego.

The Dangers of an Inflated Ego in Leadership

While a small amount of ego can be healthy and give you the confidence to strive to do your best, if it gets out of control, the following can occur:
I think people, especially young people, should know that ego can be just as dangerous as any drug. – Stevie Nicks

The Benefits of Keeping Your Ego in Check

The Beatles was technically not John Lennon’s first band. He started as the front man of The Quarrymen (which would later evolve into the Beatles). When Paul McCartney entered the picture, Lennon knew that McCartney would improve the band significantly and give them the opportunity and real success. However, if he accepted McCartney into the band, he would no longer be the star of the show. Thankfully for the world, John Lennon opted for what was best for the team, even if it meant taking a hit to his ego.

Great leaders keep their egos under control and:

Great leaders who inspire rockstar results in themselves, and their employees are humble. Ego will only get you so far, and when it comes to being a great leader, the less ego, the better. For more rockstar tips, visit https://www.marvellessmark.com/.

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