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Whether you watched the Super Bowl for the game or the commercials, it was hard to miss the
Workday spot featuring Kiss, Billy Idol, Ozzy Osbourne, and many other true rock stars.
The commercial pokes fun at the use of the label “rock star” in the business world, suggesting that
corporate employees in Finance and HR may be good at their jobs… but that doesn’t make them rock
stars. The fact is, while I’ve been teaching leaders and employees how to be “rock stars” in business and
in life for years, the term has been used for more than five decades. According to Naomi Klien, author of
“No Logo,” the term “rock star” became a business buzzword in the 1980s.
Does this mean John in Accounting can’t be a rock star? More likely, we need to reexamine the
intersection between music and business. Being a successful musician today is more than just writing
and performing music. It may be entertaining to hear that a musician has destroyed a hotel room, set his
guitar on fire on the tour bus, or blown a huge advance on… well, blow. However, that’s not what
catapults these musicians to stardom, success, and riches.
How Do You Become A Rock Star?
Forget the tight pants, the crazy hair, and the diamond-encrusted instruments. What does a musician
have to do to beat out the one-hit wonders, win the airtime, and fill stadiums?
Musicians must:
Have a Strong Brand
The musicians who make it to the top know who they are (or who they portray themselves to be), and
they aren’t afraid to share that with the world. This is essential to help them stand out above the
competition and be memorable.
Build Relationships and Collaborate with Others
No one rises to the top without the help of others. Whether it’s your bandmates, fellow musicians who
have walked the path before you, agents, managers, attorneys, PR teams, stylists, etc., you are only as
strong as the people around you.
Learn How to Market and Promote
According to music3point0, Chartmetric (a company that measures global music streaming data) adds
3,642 new artists every day. In 2023, that amounted to 1.3 million artists… and you’ve never heard of
most of them.
Does this mean they aren’t talented? No. Does it mean they just haven’t gotten their “big break?”
Possibly. What does it definitely mean? They haven’t figured out how to market and promote their
music and their group to the masses or be seen in front of the right people.
If no one knows about you, it doesn’t matter how amazing you are.
Understand Legal Rights and Requirements
No, musicians don’t also have to be attorneys or managers. However, they do need to have enough
knowledge to make intelligent decisions (with the guidance of professionals) and not be taken
advantage of.

Manage Their Finances
Becoming famous takes smart financial decisions. A musician must budget for training (becoming better
at their craft), recording albums, touring, marketing, and hiring the right professionals to assist them
along the way. If you spend your entire budget on beer, you won’t have money to rent a studio and hire
a producer for your album.
Be Adaptable and Constantly Innovate
The world is constantly changing. What worked 50 years ago probably won’t work today. Actually, what
worked 50 days ago may not work today. To become a rock star at the top of the game (and stay there),
musicians need to adapt to the times and innovate. It’s nearly impossible to find a rock star who hasn’t
pivoted in some aspect of their business throughout their career.
Interesting. It sounds like being a rock star in the music world is less about biting the heads off
unsuspecting bats and more about mastering the basics of business. This begs the question, “Who are
the real rock stars?” Maybe John in Accounting can keep his accolades.
As you strive to excel in your corporate career, you may be tempted to aspire to the greatness of the
rock stars you see on stage. But maybe… they should aspire to be as great as you.
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