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Summer is almost over, and if you haven’t already encouraged your team members to take a vacation, you’re missing out.

Consider this. Rock stars are at the top of their game. They spend countless hours in the studio practicing so they can be their very best musically. They work with trainers to ensure that they can stand up to the physical rigor of a tour. They consult with managers and publicists to make sure the business is running smoothly. And let’s not forget nutrition.

Then, they take some time off. This Rock Star Recovery Time (RSRT) is essential for them to succeed and stick with it for the long haul. It’s also essential for your business.


According to the State of the American Vacation 2018 survey which identified the vacation habits of more than 4,000 U.S. workers, employees rated paid vacation as the second most important benefit (the first being healthcare). Why then, are we still hesitant to take it?

It may seem counterintuitive that getting out of the office can actually make people more productive, and unfortunately, many employees believe that taking days off is not only a sign of weakness but laziness. Employees fear that no one else will be able to cover for them while they’re out of the office and they’ll fall behind in their workload, they may miss out on an important decision or meeting, or they may even feel guilty for making others pick up their slack.

Thankfully, science supports days off as a way to lower stress, improve mental health, and actually be better at your job. It allows you to get into s state of flow. To tap into your inner rock star creativity. Then you can unleash it.

This means that as an employer, encouraging team members to utilize vacation not only benefits your employees but the organization as a whole. Think about doing what’s best for the band. Communication is key in this situation.

Speak with your employees to uncover why they haven’t taken vacation days and then take steps to help. You must make sure and encourage them to completely unplug. Maybe shut their phone off. Don’t check emails. Perhaps they need another team member who can fill their shoes for a few days, or maybe they can cut out for some R and R between projects.

If you want to have rock stars in your business, rock star creativity, and new and fresh ideas to move your business to the next level, you’ll need to provide them with Rock Star Recovery Time. The data is there.

Currently, for our band, we have a goal of going to a 4-day play (work) week with 5-hour days. You will find everyone is more productive, more focused, more energized, and excited. It’s off the charts. I challenge you to try it. Or at least lean into it.

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You Rock,

Marvelless Mark-The business Rock Star


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