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How Vision Improves Teamwork in the Workplace

You’ve hired the best people in the industry. They are intelligent, eager to excel, and fearless when it comes to sales. Unfortunately, they aren’t working together. You need a way to improve teamwork in the workplace quickly so you can meet your sales goals and create the rock star results you’re looking for. How do […]

15 Ways to Improve Teamwork in the Workplace

You spend 1/3 of your day at work. That means that your coworkers are an extended family and learning to improve teamwork in the workplace will go a long way to creating a peaceful, satisfying environment in which to spend your time. In Rock and Roll, your band members are your team, and if you […]

How Solution Focused Sales Can Improve Your Sales Performance

As a sales team manager or salesperson, you are constantly concerned about improving your sales performance and increasing your bottom line. However, when you approach sales from an “I have a product for you” perspective, you miss the opportunity to solve your customer’s pain. Rock stars don’t sell albums, they don’t sell concert tickets, they […]

How Customer Focus Can Improve Sales Performance

Often times, when we seek to improve our team’s sales performance, we focus on ways to attract more customers. While it’s important to bring in new customers, one of the best ways to increase your sales performance is to keep your existing customers happy. Rock stars are constantly cultivating their relationships with their fans. It […]

How to Network to Improve Sales Performance

It stands to reason that when you are looking to improve your team’s sales performance, it would be helpful to have more prospects. Yes, cold calling is always an option… but it’s a painful option. Think about it. Rock stars don’t pick up the phone and randomly call people to buy their albums. They get […]

7 Ways to Provide Feedback to Improve Sales Performance

In order to improve your team’s sales performance, you need to examine what is and is not working well and communicate that to your employees. In the music world, feedback can cause an epic fail during a gig. In the business world, feedback takes on an entirely different meaning. Providing useful critiques of your employee’s […]

5 Training Tips to Improve Sales Performance

All the goal setting, networking, feedback, and sales metrics in the world won’t help improve your sales performance if your team members don’t have the skills and education necessary to do their jobs. Now that’s not saying that you shouldn’t use each and every one of these methods to bring out the inner rock stars […]

7 Tips for Successful Sales Performance Meetings

You’re hosting meetings with your team to improve sales performance, but they never go quite as planned. Time runs over, attendees are focused elsewhere, and there’s always that one employee who hijacks the meeting. You’re beginning to think that sales meetings are just a waste of time. When meetings are executed properly, they’ll help foster […]

How to Use Metrics to Improve Sales Performance

You’ve been working hard to improve your team’s sales performance, but how do you know if it’s really paying off? Are your employees reaching their goals? Obviously, you can look at your weekly sales numbers and see if they are increasing as quickly as you’d like. But, there are other metrics that you need to […]

Celebrate Failure to Improve Sales Performance

The reports are in and your team’s numbers don’t look so hot. You need to improve sales performance, and you need to do it quickly. As a sales manager, you are like the lead singer of a band, tasked with inspiring your bandmates to reach their full rock star potential. But how? There are systems […]