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Are You A Control Freak?

How do you control 30,000 customers?  If you’re Bon Jovi, it’s pretty easy. A few months ago my good friend, mentor, and keynote speaker coach Mike Rayburn invited my wife Jana and I to celebrate his birthday at the Bon Jovi concert in Las Vegas.  Nice invite, right? I reference Bon Jovi in my Opportunity Rocks Keynote about his […]

Four ways to make you the One & Only

Have you ever been to a Las Vegas show, experienced a keynote event, or heard and introduction like: “Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome the one and only…………….only to find out they really were not “the one and only”? Or maybe you’ve heard a similar keynote speaker or you’ve seen entertainment acts that reminded you of someone else? What does the one and […]

Resolution or Revolution

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, right?  The New Year symbolizes new beginnings, new resolutions, new budgets, new sales meetings to kick-off, new goals, new dreams, new visions, new year’s resolutions.………. STOP. I ask you to think about this: Is what you really need a new resolution or a new revolution? People may […]

Opportunity Rocks…Be A Rockstar In Business & Beyond!

I’ll bet nobody has to tell you what a rock star is. Say the word and your thoughts go immediately to your favorite band or solo artist–to bright lights, blistering guitar chords, screaming girls, and wildly tossing hair. Maybe you picture Mick Jagger strutting across the stage, or Steven Tyler howling into the mic. Maybe […]

Your Band’s Greatest Hits

Get the members of your band together (your staff, your department or team, your family). Spend a few moments talking about the things you do well as a group. Then ask them what they consider your “greatest hits” to be. What have your greatest successes been? Your most memorable moments? What are the things the […]

How Teamwork Can Improve Your Workplace

As famed anthropologist Margaret Mead once said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” Behind every well-functioning office is a team that works well together. Even jobs that are largely performed individually can benefit from the added support of […]


Energy, in a general sense, refers to strength, vitality, power, and the ability to do work. This applies to everything from mammals to rocket boosters. As far as being a rock star goes, energy means passion, vigor, and enthusiasm. Being enthused about a job or activity makes performing even the most menial of tasks easier […]